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 Leadership Team

All Hands In

Meet The Leadership Team

Bill Lee_edited.jpg

Bill Lee, MBA, MHA

Chief Executive Officer

John Wiggins .JPG

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Monica Pacheco-Diaz 2.JPG

Chief Nursing Officer

Chief Nursing Officer

Monica Pacheco-Diaz, RN, BSN

John Wiggins, MBA

Bonnie Anderson.JPG
Mary Andrews 1.JPG
Larry Bacon 2.JPG

Bonnie Anderson, BS, MT

Mary Andrews, RN, NP

Larry Bacon

Laboratory Supervisor

Infection Control &

Clinical Education Coordinator

Facilities Manager

Steve Boatright 1.JPG
Wendy Boatright 2.JPG

Steve Boatright

Wendy Boatright,
RT (R) (M), RDMS

Lead Technologist -Imaging Services

Director of Supply Chain

Cameron Cowart 1.JPG

Director of Rehabilitation Services

Cameron Cowart,

Roxanne Brannen hair down.JPG

Roxanne Brannen

Director of Health Information Management


Joshua Bohannon

Manager, Information Technology &

Network Administrator

Lucy Delgado 1.JPG

Lucy Delgado


Mindy Gerry 3JPG.JPG

Mindy Gerry, RN

Utilization Management &

Employee Health Supervisor

Jack Henry 1.JPG
Adam Howard 2.JPG

Jack Henry, RN, BSN

Adam Howard

Director, Surgical & Ancillary Services

Director of Revenue Cycle

Michelle Johnson 2.JPG

Michelle Johnson 

Credentialing Coordinator

Donna Santana 2.JPG

Donna Santana

Patient Access & 

Centralized Scheduling Manager

Christy Donley

Director of Quality & Accreditation

Leslie Tucker 1.JPG

Leslie Tucker, PharmD

Director of Pharmacy


James Wright, MHA

Administrative Project & Purchasing Manager

Carol Tillman.JPG

Carol Tillman, RRT, MBA, MHA

Manager, Cardiopulmonology

Tayler Wickham 2.JPG

Tayler Wickham, MHA

Director of Talent Acquisition &

Human Resources

Mackenzie Ramsdell

Vincent Dippolito

Marketing & Communications


Director of Operations

Food & Nutrition/ Environmental Services


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