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Evans Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the programs and services provided by EMH.  It operates independently from the hospital and has its own focus and goals.  While having its own Board, it does share some members with the EMH Hospital Board of Directors.


The primary goal for the hospital foundation is to raise funds and to increase community awareness for projects and services that maintain and improve quality patient care at Evans Memorial Hospital.  Funds raised by EMH Foundation go toward projects such as:

New construction

Purchasing new medical equipment

Renovating existing buildings



Foundations can help in many different ways.  Since there have been cuts in hospital funding on both the state and federal levels throughout the years, hospitals have trouble securing financial support.  In order to meet those demands, hospitals have been forced to turn to their foundations for assistance.


Hospital foundations oversee donations, manage hospital endowments and organize capital campaigns.  They also host special events and organize all fundraising activities for hospitals.


The Evans Memorial Hospital Foundation Board consists of:

Patsy Rogers-Chairperson

Talmadge Yarbrough-Vice Chair

Rosalind Ivey-Secretary

Mike Lyons-Board Member

Jill Griffin - Board Member

Bill Lee-President

John Wiggins-Treasurer

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