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Meet The Team

We provide two fully equipped operating rooms, a minor procedure and endoscopy room, and two post-anesthesia rooms.  Our patient rooms are spacious and comfortable.  Our anesthesia department is able to provide for all the anesthesia needs of our patients including general anesthesia, spinal and epidural anesthesia, and monitored anesthesia with sedation (conscious sedation).

H. Kyle Parks, MD

General Surgery

Rebecca Spahos, MD

General Surgery

My name is Dr. Rebecca Spahos. I was born and raised in a small town called Hampton, Georgia, just south of Atlanta in Henry County. I am the baby of six children. All of my siblings served in the Navy, Marines, or the Air Force. We are a proud and patriotic family. My father was a mechanic for Delta Airlines, and my mother was a high school English teacher. They worked hard to provide for their six children, and all of us attended college. My father also had a passion for flying, and in 1985 he bought a J-3 Pipercub built in 1941. All of his children learned to fly, and three out of six still fly for a living today. 


I graduated from Stockbridge High School as Salutatorian and had my varsity letter in soccer, volleyball, and basketball. I attended Tulane University for my freshman year, but changed my major and graduated from the University of Georgia as summa cum laude with BS in genetics. I was chosen to attend Oxford University in England as a study abroad semester as a senior. After earning my Bachelors in Genetics, I began working at Emory University. I researched how we could aide our own bodies in correcting genetic mutations by introducing various vectors. I then did a mission trip to Mexico and fell in love with medicine. Within six months of returning, I took the MCAT and entered as early admission to the Medical College of Georgia. I then graduated from MCG and did my residency training at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah. 


I chose surgery as my specialty because of my desire be able to surgically help urgent and emergent patients in their time of need. And, to see a disease process, such as cancer, and have the ability to cure that disease. 


I began working at Cedar Surgical and Associates in Statesboro, Georgia, at East Georgian Regional Medical Center and at Candler County hospital in 2013. I performed all general surgery procedures and was certified as a robotic laparoscopic surgeon. I saw a dire need for breast surgeons in our community and began working with administration and coworkers to build a breast center at EGRMC. Unfortunately, my mother developed Lou Gehrigs disease and I just had my second child.  Family is very important to me, and I am happy for the time I took to be with my mother before her passing in 3/2020. I recognized the importance to balance being a surgeon, a mother, a wife, and a daughter. I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Kyle Parks and really got inspired with the possibilities at Evans Memorial Hospital. 


I began working with Surgical Associates at EMH in 2019. Since then, my passion for serving our community with breast care has blossomed. We have developed a growing breast program. EMH already had 3D mammography and ultrasound for breast screening and diagnostics since 2019. I added the services for ultrasound guided breast biopsies, consultation for breast masses, genetic counseling and testing for breast cancer and high risk patients (and all cancers), mastectomies or lumpectomies for breast cancer, and work together with Dr. Horn for reconstructive breast surgery to be done at EMH. With the Fries family, Evans Hospital has a beautiful top of the line imaging center, and breast MRI are now being performed here as well.  This makes our breast program be able to image dense breast tissue, which makes women at high risk for breast cancer, and also aides in the treatment plan for women with breast cancer. They no longer have to travel far for top of the line imaging and care. 


I have a strong vision that all our community's health needs can be managed with outstanding outcomes at Evans Memorial Hospital. This keeps people ifrom driving long distances for their healthcare.  


I also perform ultrasound guided paracentesis, thoracentesis, and biopsies of breast, thyroids, cysts, and lymph nodes. I perform complex laparoscopic and open procedures for colon resection, hernia repairs, gallbladder removal, appendectomies, and lysis of adhesions. I do endocrine surgeries as well, including thyroid and parathyroid excisions. 


I am the mother of two beautiful children, age 4 and 6, and thoroughly enjoy family time when not at work. I love to travel with them, and see the world anew through their eyes. 


Fun fact: I am a pilot, scuba diver, sky diver, kayaker, and spelunker.

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